Ecommerce Business Consultant

Creating Your Online Retail Store

There is no doubt that e-commerce businesses are growing in popularity with the introduction of more secure and trustworthy payment systems. Every business from massive industry leaders to small specialty stores are now realizing the impressive potential there is to market and sell their products online. It creates the most convenient method for shopping, as well as the most inexpensive way to expose your products and/or services to the global marketplace.

Save Time, Buy Online!

Savvy consumers appreciate websites where they can research, compare, and purchase products directly from one source. Unfortunately, creating a functional and profitable online e-commerce model is more complex that most people realize. It requires an e-commerce consultant with a proven track record who knows how to create easy, yet customized solutions for managing online order processing. Just trust me when I say that cookie-cutter e-commerce templates won’t give your customers the personalized attention and seamless experience they expect from online retailers in 2013.

I Have the Goods!

You have the goods that need to be sold and I have the goods (tools) to sell them. I am an ecommerce specialist and generating, conducting, and securing online sales is where I excel. I have extensive experience developing customized shopping carts and secure order fulfillment systems, and I have worked with various e-commerce platforms. You could say I am your one-stop shop for online shopping solutions.

My E-commerce Strategies include:

  • Create an E-commerce Friendly Website
  • Develop Comprehensive Client Databases
  • Create Attractive and Efficient Online Showrooms
  • Develop and Implement Order Processing and Fulfillment Systems
  • Develop Highly-functional Checkout Systems
  • Design Email Communication Campaigns
  • Managing Electronic Mailing Lists

That is everything you need to take your online business from a stagnant representation of your storefront to an actual fully functioning sales machine. I create the engine for the machine, test all of the working parts, and then give you the key. Don’t worry about flooding the engine; I will make sure you first know how to switch it into cruise control before I hand over the key, so you can achieve the optimal results from your e-commerce website. E-commerce is a road race that every business needs to enter to stay competitive.