19 Oct 2010

WordPress Security Presentation from Web Strategy Worshops

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Here’s a PDF version on WordPress Security and WordPress Plugins at the Web Strategy Workshop in Montreal on October 18th, 2010.

About the Author

Charles Edmunds is an experienced Montreal based web strategist who is known for his holistic approach to marketing businesses online. With more than 15 years of hands on experience with web technology and online marketing, Charles is a highly capable consultant who helps companies increase revenue and establish better relationships with their customers. By blending the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques with integrated social media marketing, Charles is able to broadcast content in a way that strengthens brands and allows companies room to grow and develop.

  • http://www.twitter.com/phuongly Phuong

    Seriously great job in teaching us about security issues with WordPress. I have started implenting many of the suggested plugins. I can’t believe I didn’t do this before! My best take-away is “Login Lockdown”

    See you at the next meetup.

  • http://www.charlesedmunds.com Charles Edmunds

    @Phuong Glad you enjoyed the presentation. Not bad for something put together 2 hours before the workshop… I really gotta stop doing that.

    Login Lockdown is a great plugin to integrate. My only suggestion is that you remove the “powered by login lockdown” code from the source so not to advertise to everyone that you’re site is powered by that plugin (the less to advertise about your site security measures the harder it is to hack).

    Looking forward to the presentation in 2 weeks. If you have any questions or run into any problems hit me up.

  • http://www.charlesedmunds.com Charles Edmunds

    @ken Sorry I have not given access to download this presentation because it’s the same version I used in last nights presentation. As soon as I update it as I promised I would during last nights event I’ll go ahead and give you access to download the PDF version… cool?

  • ildar

    sounds great looking forwared to it, especially useful for copy pasting PHP code. Great presentation btw

  • http://www.charlesedmunds.com Charles Edmunds

    Thanks, I’m glad that you were able to take away something useful from it 😉

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